Coke, Beak, Charlie, Sniff, White and Posh

Off white powder.

How Taken
Usually snorted but can also be injected.

Stimulant type drug that has similar effects to amphetamine but much shorter lasting.  Cocaine boosts the activity of the Central Nervous System increasing the heart and respiratory system.  It provides users with a short term boost of energy and confidence similar to a boost of adrenaline when the body becomes startled or scared; the basic instinct of the “Fight or Flight” syndrome.

Health Risks
Cocaine is increasingly being recognised as one of the major contributory factors to heart failure amongst young people.  Cocaine can become psychologically addictive causing increasing levels of use in order to function normally.  Repeated snorting of the drug can cause the septum in the nose (the partition between the nostrils) to disintegrate.  Many users report depleted energy and feelings of depression between periods of use.