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Jan 13, 2020

Thousands of pounds worth of artwork, watches and furniture found at a drug dealer's hidden luxury house have been sold at auction.

Alan Yeomans had disguised his £1.2m six-bedroom mansion, Shedley Manor, as a farm shed to avoid planning laws.

Police described it as an "Aladdin's Cave" when they raided it and the items have now sold for a total £65,000.

Expert Evidence Services

Expert Evidence Services

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Drug Expert Reports

Drug Expert Reports

We provide reports challenging drug valuations, cannabis cultivation set ups, POCA valuations, patterns of consumption and interpretation of text messages.

Forensic Drug Analysis

Forensic Drug Analysis

Our Forensic Scientists will provide reports assessing controlled drug identification, drug purities, packaging and cannabis plant yields.

Toxicology - Drug / Drink Driving

Toxicology - Drug / Drink Driving

Our toxicologist will provide reports assessing toxicology evidence in drug and drink driving cases along with drug screening.

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Drug Lectures and Training

We conduct a number of conferences and training seminars for Chambers, Solicitors Firms and other organisations on drug-related issues.

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Been Arrested

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