Interpretation of Text Messages

Prosecutions for drug trafficking cases increasingly involve evidence derived from mobile telephones and portable electronic devices. Our experts are frequently called upon to interpret text and evidence derived from other social media platforms.

The use of “Smartphones”, tablets and Portable Electric Devices coupled with the array of social media platforms that have evolved in recent years have revolutionised the way drugs are sold and provided drug users and suppliers with alternative means of establishing contact.  It is increasingly common for cases to include forensic downloads of electronic devices and messages purported to contain references to controlled drugs. 

Drug terminology is a language in itself but we offer accurate interpretations of messages and slang terminology in such cases.  From single messages to extensive conversations we are able to offer comment on the identification of a particular commodity and offer detailed insight into the nature of such conversations.  Our assessments can negate allegations of drug trafficking if the conversation is simply about drug consumption or discussing the merits of a particular commodity or supplier.  We have also been able to demonstrate that the particular drug has been incorrectly identified.  This is significant in cases where it is alleged that the references are consistent with the supply of a Class A drug such as cocaine but are in fact indicative of an alternative drug such as cannabis which is Class B.   In cases involving cannabis cultivation we have considered a number of cases where we have demonstrated that the conversations are consistent with producing cannabis but inconsistent with supplying it. 

We have provided evidence of text message interpretation and reviews of evidence derived social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook in many cases.  If you need any advice on such cases then please do not hesitate to contact us.   

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