Consultancy Services

We provide expert business consultancy services to a diverse range of sectors and businesses to ensure compliance with legislation, fill existing skill shortages and supporting the adoption of best practices.

Cannabis Consultancy Services

Recent changes to the legal status of cannabis has seen an increasing interest in the legal production of cannabis-based products within the UK and in particular for medical applications. 

We are experts in this field and can offer guidance and consultancy services for businesses and individuals considering a new venture involving cannabis production and legal entry into the cannabis market.  We offer guidance on legal compliance, licensing, site requirements and cannabis plant cultivation to provide an end to end solution package.  As professionals in this field we can guide new ventures on best practice and offer solutions to the complex legal and licensing requirements that surround this area offering you the best chance of success from business idea to launch. 

If you are considering a cannabis-based business venture then please contact us. We can assist with connecting investors and growing facilities through our network of professional connections and can offer a range of services from one-off advice or on-going support.  

Our guidance will support your business with our knowledge, vision and experience that is outcome driven.


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