Liverpool Based County Lines Network Sentenced

Jan 14, 2020

A major police operation in Bournemouth has culminated in the conviction of nine members of the “Scouse Porky Line”.  This operation was identified as a “County Line” operation with the “line” being retained in Liverpool but circulated to heroin and crack cocaine users in Bournemouth.  A call to the “line” resulted in a runner based in Bournemouth being directed to make a delivery. A police surveillance operation identified deliveries of cocaine and heroin being moved from Liverpool to Bournemouth.

Nine Convicted in Liverpool/Bournemouth County Lines Network

We have extensive experience of commenting on “County Lines” cases in criminal proceedings.  Our experts are able to provide comment on the scale of the network whilst identifying the hierarchical structure.  As with this operation there is a clear distinction in terms of sentencing between those that direct and control the operation and those that are “employed” to undertake roles where the threat of detection is high. We can comment on the interpretation of text messages and factors which may be relevant to sentencing and may also assist in any subsequent proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act.    

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